Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Cabinets Accepting Orders after Openreach data glitch resolved

An issue preventing some users of cabinet 3 from ordering FTTC has been resolved. Some properties were incorrectly being reported as 'too far from the cabinet' by the Openreach tool despite being well within range of a new cabinet.

A property with a line length of approx. 1.3km from house to cabinet is able to order fibre broadband at an estimated speed of 21Mbps.

If your phone number reports as being 'too far from the cabinet' yet you are able to trace your telephone line length to be under 2km, it may be worth investigating if your line length really is too long or there is a glitch in Openreach data.

Thanks go to Highlands and Islands Enterprise for liaising with Openreach to get this resolved.

The below is based on a survey of local telephone numbers against Openreach availability checker on 21st August 2017:

Cabinet 1 – in the village – has been live since Dec 2015
Cabinet 2 – Letterwalton/Pony Park/Tyree/North Benderloch - accepting orders
Cabinet 3 – South Shian opp. Shenavallie junction – accepting orders
Cabinet 4 – (opposite Ardbhatan), towards South Shian  - accepting orders
Cabinet 5 – (Barcaldine, near junction with Glen Salacah) – Not yet live. ETA November 2017

It should be noted that the usual adverts by BT/Openreach announcing the arrival of fibre have not been seen - e.g. posters on the cabinet or sales calls by BT, so even though ISPs are accepting orders, given that the cabinets are so new there may well be delays in provisioning.

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