Monday, 25 January 2016

Ledaig exchange not upgraded to handle new FTTC

The fibre for the new cabinet in the village that was FTTC enabled January 2016 apparently comes up from Oban, rather than down from the Ledaig Exchange itself. I was hoping that the Ledaig exchange had been upgraded to a '21CN'  backhaul in order to pass the data from the new FTTC connections off to the rest of the internet. 21CN at the exchange would open the possibility of "ADSL2+" connections for exchange-only lines, giving "up to 24Mbit/s" connections for those close enough to the exchange, and a more stable connection for longer lines. This is not the case.

BT still plans to retire the old 20CN network, but the last estimate I could find for upgrading Ledaig to 21CN was "Calendar year 2014"....

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