Thursday, 7 January 2016

It's here!

Benderloch's Fibre cabinet is now enabled and accepting orders!

What if you are not connected to the new cabinet? Apparently BT will be releasing more information towards the middle of 2016 with plans for connecting some of the exchange-only lines.

Gigaplus Argyll are going live with coverage in Lismore at the end of 2016 which might open some avenues for wireless broadband for those with line of sight to Lismore.

Some information is floating around the internet about 'BackOfBeyond' ISP based in Oban - have a search on Facebook.

Community Broadband Scotland has been set up to assist communities outside BT's planned superfast region get next-gen broadband speeds. There is the possiblility of creating a wireless broadband system via this.

It might also be technically possible for a small number of houses and club together to create their own small wireless link, using some friendly contact in the village who IS connected to the new cabinet and installing some wireless kit on a suitable prominent position.

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