Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fibre rollout now 2 months overdue

No progress updates on fibre rollout. Green cabinets are installed at P2,P3 and P4.

Some overhead cable works taking place locally in February 2017 - whether related or not I don't know.

No change to the anticipated rollout dates for any cabinets (Status as at 22 March 2017)

Cabinet P1 - Opposite Village hall - FTTC is live but reported 'full' so not accepting new orders?
Cabinet P2 - near BT Exchange/Tyree, Benderloch north - (planning ref 16/02101)
Cabinet P3 - Ferlum/Shenavallie junction, South Shian road -(16/01861)
Cabinet P4 - Ardbhatan, South Shian road -  (16/01864)
Cabinet P5- opp Gair Na Mara Barcaldine (moved slightly)-  (16/01862) (v2: 17/00534)

Don't know what has happened to:
PCP006 - opposite Barcaldine Primary School - ETA unknown (16/02840)

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