Friday, 1 July 2016

New BT cabinets for South Shian and Barcaldine

New BT roadside cabinets have been submitted for planning application in Benderloch and Barcaldine,

According to the planning applications, these are "All-In-One" cabinets that will provide FTTC access ("superfast fibre") to Exchange-only lines.

Planning applications for three cabinets submitted 23 June 2016:
Shenavallie junction
South Shian road opp. Ardbhatan
Barcaldine opp Bonawe road

planning application references:
Shenavallie 16/01861/TELNOT
Ardbhatan 16/01864/TELNOT

Barcaldine 16/01862/TELNOT

HI Enterprise suggested in Jan 2016 that  4 cabinets for Benderloch area were planned. 

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