Wednesday, 6 April 2016

4G mobile broadband internet Connel

4G mobile connections could be a viable alternative for people unable to get the BT wholesale fibre broadband. Download speeds of around 30Mbit/s are possible on most networks.

EE already have an active 4G mast in Oban town centre, which allows some people around Benderloch to receive a good 4G signal.

A few weeks ago several people reported a strong 4G signal on Vodafone in and around Connel.
Vodafone's customer service confirmed that a 4G signal was active in Connel. The vodafone coverage checker shows that 4G is expected within the next 3 months in the area. It is presumably from the Connel Mast before the bridge by the reservoir.

planning application
details a planning application (approved) to upgrade the mast to 4G on behalf of Telefonica (O2) and Vodafone.

With a suitable modem, 4G can provide an economical home broadband connection in addition to fast internet on your mobile phone/tablet. for around £25/month you can get a comparable connection (speed, usage) to an urban ADSL2+ connection.

Planning applications have also been lodged for mast upgrades on

East Mull (Glen More) 25th March 2016 16/00956/TELNOT
Dervaig 16/00773/TELNOT 3 March 2016
Glen Orchy 16/00318/PP Feb 2016
Machrihanish 15/03527/TELNOT Dec 2015

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